Energy Observer Development des solutions hydrogène pour une mobilité maritime propre

An incubator of solutions to speed up energy transition

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Since its creation in 2019,
Energy Observer Developments’ mission has been to answer
energy needs with clean, sustainable and affordable solutions.




Energy Designer

Our internal Energy Engineering Department made of expert consultants to design custom
made solutions adapted to your energy needs with optimal use of renewable energies.

Generator GEH₂

Tomorrow’s power generator available today. With the GEH2 and its record energy density,
benefit instantly from power ranging from 100kVA up to 2MVA in a most compact machine.

Range Extender REXH₂

Energy excellence for zero emission navigation. With the REXH2, benefit from tomorrow’s
technology today, with power ranging from 80kW up to 1MW.

Station Ship STSH₂

The mobile station for local production and distribution of green hydrogen. Affordable, simple
and without constraints; for maritime, river and terrestrial use.

Hydrogen Opportunities

Industrial players, local authorities and public institutions are multiplying initiatives to develop the renewable hydrogen market as part of the global energy transition effort. Today, the main challenge remains the production of clean hydrogen at a lower cost (i.e. less than €10/kg). In order to achieve this objective, it is essential to convert heavy fossil energy-consuming sectors, such as transport and industrial plants, to green hydrogen.

than battery
By 2030,
the production of hydrogen
in france
is expected to exceed
1 million tons
per years
The Hydrogen Industry
The "Advantages of Green Hydrogen by 2050”,
report by McKinsey & Company :
  • A 20 % reduction in CO₂ emissions
  • A reduction of 6 gigatons of CO₂ per years
  • The hydrogen industry has also recently benefited from two key accelerators : first, a significant reduction in production costs and second a significant increase in the production capacity

  • This growing hydrogen industry provides unique solutions to existing regulations that drive the decarbonation of city centers, industries, and transport(accounting for 70% of the global CO₂ emissions).

Introduction of the first series of hydrogen-powered boats at the Cannes  yacht show.
Presentation of the power generator GEH2 in live action.
Set-up of the REXH2 Range Extender onboard Energy Observer for its first transatlantic crossing.


Following five years of intensive development and testing of hydrogen-based innovative solutions onboard Energy Observer, 2019 marks the beginning of a new venture with the creation of Energy Observer Developments, thanks to the renewed support of its long-term partners, with the objective to shift from experimentation to concrete applications. Because innovation is meaningless if it is not shared !


Launch of Energy Observer, the first energy autonomous vessel, with zero emissions, zero fine particles, and zero noise, which uses renewable energies to produce its own hydrogen onboard from seawater.


Initiated in 2013 and implemented in 2017, Energy Observer is a floating laboratory
focussing on renewable energies, led by Victorien Erussard, Founder and Captain, and Jérôme Delafosse, Expedition Leader.